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Establishing that we are a good fit —> Tailored Services —> Well balanced Plan —> Effective & Meaningful Planning —> Iterations & Support

After establishing that we are a good fit, we can start working on a plan and establish strategic methods to accomplishing goals. Whether your child wants to start in 8th grade or during sophomore year of high school, we will be ready to offer our full services in college consulting, application strategy, and application management. We start off by looking at your students’ academic records – transcripts, test scores, etc. – to help your student match the rigor that their target schools look for.  

Regardless of whether your student starts off early or wants to wait for the right time to start, we are happy to tailor our services based on your needs for starting the college application process. Our process begins with mapping out what your student is looking for in their college advisors, how we can best cater to those needs, and handle logistics like the guidelines and pricing packages we offer.

Typically the first thing most college admissions officers will notice is a stellar academic performance. Then, we will help students make a list of well balanced colleges and universities that are good for the student’s major, interests, and personality. We will also develop an application strategy to help students decide where to apply for early decision/action and regular decision. Finally, we assist your student in rounding out their application by suggesting the best approach to extracurricular activities, SAT/ACT testing, and asking the proper teachers for letters of recommendations.

The most significant part of your students’ application is their personal statement and writing supplement. We work with our students to generate ideas for their writing that will be the most effective in creating a meaningful piece that gives admissions officers an accurate representation of their personality. We don’t keep a cap on iterations– your student will receive as much feedback on their personal statement as they would like to make the essay as well-written and compelling as possible. 

We’ll also make sure to keep track of students’ deadlines so we can provide feedback in a timely fashion. Ultimately, our goal is to help our students work on their college admissions in an effective and efficient way, giving them their best chance at the school of their dreams.


Essay Writing
Statement Ideation
Targeted College Research
EA/ED Guidance
3 Application Systems of your choice


Course Selection including
AP, Honors & Dual Enrollment
College Research & Selection
Activities & Programs
SAT/ACT Test Planning
3 Application Systems of your choice


3 years Academic Planning
Annual Academic Review
College Research & Selection
Research + Programs
4 Application Systems of your choice


4 years Academic Planning
Annual Academic Review
College Research & Selection
Exploring Extracurriculars
4 Application Systems of your choice

Any questions you have in regards to college consulting please feel to ask us.

We will be here for you every step of the way on your educational journey.