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Over the past 8 years, we have been working closely with Bay Area students to help them become the most qualified applicants by building a strong background in leadership, extra-curriculars, and academics. At Nestor College Consulting, we pride ourselves in creating a personalized approach to the admissions process that significantly reduces stress for our students and their parents. Our track record of successful college admissions speaks for itself.    

Listening to our students and understanding what they want out of their admissions process is our priority. We take good care to note their strengths and then assign a team of admissions counsels, essay editors, and activity advisors – all with valuable experiences in their fields– that can maximize opportunities for your students.    

At Nestor College Counseling, we recognize the weight of our job, and the ever-increasing challenge of the college admissions process. Admissions are getting more competitive due to more and more colleges choosing to review applications as “Test-Optional” (meaning no SAT/ACT scores necessary). This means that having a well-rounded application has never been more critical. To make sure our students have the best possible application they can, we use our experience and knowledge acquired over years of college research to provide comprehensive guidance for our students and their families, from the beginning of their high school experience until they receive all their acceptance letters.    

We start off by hosting one-on-one meetings to give our students a strong idea of what we have to offer and what we can do for them. Throughout the process, we provide personalized feedback and support for each student so they receive proper attention and can put their best foot forward in reaching their favorite colleges. Our process will provide specialized attention in college and major selection, course requirements, essay writing, extracurricular activities, and supplement writing. 

Nestor College Consulting


Nestor College Consulting


Nestor College Consulting


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