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Personalized & Integrated Approach to Student Development & College Application

All parents want the best college options for their children.

College admissions are becoming super competitive. It is not enough to just focus on the application process.

Nestor consulting services guides the students through a holistic approach. From academics to extracurriculars to leadership – leading up to a compelling college application that mirrors students’ strengths and passion.

Our aim is to help the student to thrive – not only in college but beyond. If you have any questions on the college admission process, feel free to email us anytime for a quick answer.

How is NestorCC different than others?


Unlike most college consultants, we focus on a “holistic” student development. We work to cultivate the interests and passions of our students throughout the high school to prepare a compelling college fit and application rather than just chasing college ranks. 

We assign dedicated and passionate counselors who work with your student throughout their journey. We pull in experts as per students need for various activities and are suitable according to the student’s personality. 


We make our vast network of experts and past students available to the students so they can talk to them informally and get inputs on any confusion, decisions or activities they are considering. 

Each and every decision in college planning is critical and we guide the students with many many resources so they feel comfortable with the decisions they make. 


We regularly engage and keep parents informed as student’s development and college planning is a joint goal for all of us involved.

We pride ourselves in establishing strategic methods to accomplish periodic goals that significantly reduces stress for our students and their parents.